Quando guardo nel cielo vedo le stelle

Quando guardo nel cielo vedo le stelle

Quando guardo nel cielo vedo le stelle

E l’infanzia torna a ridere


Dentro me stesso c’è ancora un posto

Che ho tenuto nascosto per imbarazzo

Fatto di altro che non conosco

È giunto il momento di fargli spazio 


Allargare la mente sino accettare 

Che nel vuoto del cielo si può galleggiare

Lasciando andare vele e timone 

Accetto anche dentro la confusione


Da oggi rinasco

Ad un nuovo Vasco

Ritorno nel mondo

Riparto da me


Gli anni di fughe ormai son trascorsi 

È giunto il momento infine di darsi

La vita adesso inizia da capo

Non cerco lo so da solo il mio scopo 


Guardò nel cielo e vedo le stelle

Guardando nel cielo vedo le stelle

Guardando nel cielo vedo le stelle

Ed il tempo Torna a scorrere


E ora che sono

Un nuovo Vasco

Riprendo lo spazio 

Di cui ho bisogno 


Fantasia dispiega

Le sponde d’attracco

Il primo respiro

Lo scelgo da solo


Quando guardò nel cielo vedo le stelle

Che segnano il senso è il ritmo del passo

Ridanno fiducia alla ricerca

Di un nuovo orizzonte in cui riesco.

Bianco come lo spazio intorno

Al punto che comincia il disegno

Ombre, luci e colori

Ti fanno uscire fuori


Ricopri il vuoto di movimento

Il foglio una sala da concerto

Riempi gli occhi di fiori

Nel bianco nuove esplosioni 


Vieni sorpreso dal suo sguardo 

Ti fa capire, entrare dentro 

Ti porta fino a un altro mondo

Da cui non farai più ritorno 


Portami con te

Portami con te


Con te non è mai troppo tardi 

È giunto il momento che ti prendi 

Gli spazi di cui hai bisogno 

Per realizzare il tuo sogno


Balli portando un nuovo ritmo

In quello ch’era un vecchio dipinto

Riempi il tempo di luci

Lo sai che infondo mi piaci


Succede che a volte, poi ti perdi

Scivoli, inciampi nei ricordi

Lasciati andare via lontano 

Fammi prendere la tua mano


Portami con te

Portami con te    

Portami con te

Portami con te


Fra le stelle questa notte 

Balliamo fino ad avere scarpe rotte 

Lascia il tempo all’infinito 

Il futuro non va capito


Portami con te 

Portami con te

Portami con te

Portami con te

Portami con te

Portami con te

Portami con te

Portami con te

Portami con te

She already knows

but she’d never admit

to being afraid or

fight to resist

She spent her whole life

just running away

from her old dreams

that begged her to stay

How can I grow up

pretending what I am not

I’m an evolution

of my own thoughts

How can I be sure

of what I believed

I was just eight

when I started to see

This is a mad world

where everything seems

already to be planned

I wanna change my role

and become someone

who can grant

something known

One day a king said

I’m tired enough

of playing this game that has

always the same cards

Let me go away

and change my life

maybe this will help

my kingdom survive

This is a mad world

where everything just

appears to be planned

I want to live my truth

and become someone

who can stand

as someone new

Maybe this life has

another new meaning

where you don’t need to

start back again

from the beginning

When you can find

a sense of it all

within a kiss

or building our home

Inside this mad world

where everything seems

to’ve been said

There are words still left

that can reveal new old ways

that haven’t been walked






out of the tunnel

of the past

We are all

just a glance

a projection

from where we stand

This small planet

we call earth

everytime trembles

all our truths

And makes us afraid of

being alive

makes us regret

what we haven’t yet



that we’re up to begin

let’s gather around

and start to sing

Since we’re all

just a part

of a bigger garden

that blooms from our hearts

In this moment

of eternity

that makes us belong to

the universal sea

And helps us find out

we can rely

on each other

cause we’re all part of this

       swimming dance

You can say I’m sorry

I’m sorry

if I’m just that

From the moment

you are alive

you perceive the value

of a smile

You start thanking


since we’re all part

of this same old run.

Stuck in this moment

between night and death

asking my bro

which way is the best

Searching for a figure

whom to ask

how to give light

to my futuristic past

  Many ways of growing

  there’s always “a changing”  

  as soon as you cross one door

  continuous rearranging

  Of suggestions there are thousands,

  ideas a hundred more,

  there is nothing you can count on

  or what you can be sure of 


makes it a difference

never knowing where to go, where to look

or what to listen to 

Creeping in the dark

searching you don’t even know what,

you won’t get too far since  

there’s no start no stop

Listen to the echoes   

of a slight voice that sings 

they’re the memories of a past     

that will never spring   

    There are many ways of growing

    every time there is a changing 

    prospective is just a thought

    continuous rearranging

    Ideas are just a glance

    of what it could have been

    at the end it’s just a run 

    to what you hadn’t seen


 makes noise

 in a harmony that you’ve prepared

 that soon will be destroyed

There will always be amazement

in realizing what has changed

the most important thing is

nothing is how it is



using your own voice 

in an harmony that you’ve prepared

that might be destroyed 

Different situations occur

when you’re lonesome at night

you start looking at stars

and you wishing you knew how to fly

You would go somewhere else

and start being someone who cares

but now in the end all you’ve got

is this life from which you want to hide

            So fly

Everyday’s always the same

many faces that just complain

you would like to erase and rewind

but you know your stars won’t shine

It’s your past

that corrupts

all you see

now is black

All the trees

and the houses

are pale grey

so you cry and remain

In that cave

Stuck inside this parking lot

you wish to get out of it

but every turn is a chance

for a distraction

a distraction

You think you wouldn’t be this way

if you hadn’t suffered so much

but in the end the only one to blame

Is your name

All you did

was try to change                    

but all of that

got you insane.

Just breath

feel the air inside your lungs

cleansed from the sun            

being part of the atmosphere


understand that those are facts

don’t concern your inner mood

they’re projections, it’s your past 


And you spend your time

telling yourself

your inner hell

is just a bell

that starts it’s ringing

when we are wrong

so then goes on

that endless song

You won’t light it     

till you think

there’s a better way

you should begin with

It’s mainly a fact

of letting go

your inner power

let it show

and shine easily

and ring easily   


Sit quiet stay relaxed

your inner world is more than that

you can go beyond your mortal thoughts

you will live in much better worlds

It only depends

on how much you care

on how much you’re really meant to dare

on how much you want to give away

‘bout your last lives cauze you want to stay

Is the ringing bell

that can shock your life    

bring the stars to move

to give light

you’re the origin of this synergy

just stop thinking, start feeling free

And fly…. easily

and ring   easily



open your inner eyes

reach that Spirit’s skies

to what you were just say goodbye   



singing like the day

you understand the need to choose

what will be your way


flying like a bird

who has forgotten his own way

he will never be afraid

Keep bouncing in and out of trouble

searching in the dark

a faster way to put the colors

on what you thought’s completely stark

Dancing fairies crackling dreams

creating their own space

the mirror has complete its timing

now’s the time to break

Darkness is silence

darkness is a choice

gives you the chance

to avoid the noise

Keeping the wonder

of what has never been

breaking like thunder

into a new theme


singing like the day

you understand you need to choose

what will be your way

Bouncing in and out dimensions

that have never been

trying to have new adventures

on which you can cling


acting like a thought

giving form and measurement

to what has not

It’s like you don’t accept the consequence


living everyday

like is the first and the last

of your own prayer

Darkness is quiet

darkness is loud

seems to me to be

the only way out

Darkness is quiet

darkness is a choice

seems to me to be the place

for using your own voice.

There is something more

I’m sure

can’t be just a fact of


It’s all about going back    

and forth

through a tunnel of


Understanding how in the end

we have always remained here

in this non place

called the mind

It’s everywhere

on earth, after death

it’s only where you think

you belong

It’s mainly down to experience

and on what we think we know

In the end

It’s just a state of      



But I’m sure

that wherever I go

I will find your smile, your eyes, 

your toes

Love remains

Love remains

Love remains

There will be times

that can happen in my life

some million people

who can help to change my mind

Probably someday

I can become a man

having my own house,

car and wife

And in the end

we could have

remained friends

knowing both of us

that our past will never last


But I’m sure

that wherever I go

I will find your smile, your eyes,  

your toes

Love remains

Love remains

across space and time

Across space and time

love remains.

A little bit of present

the sour of necessity

is like becoming older

understanding what I want to be


Becoming a soul soldier

without swords, just words to sing

how to become stronger,

stop fearing everything

With just a little music

and some words which explain

that the rhythm of the angel

comes out through all of the notes

Passing through the changes

into new realities

never remaining

what he thought to be



if I say

you can do it your own way

It’s just

about life

‘bout having patience for a while

awaiting your right time

Just a little silence

so you can hear what comes   

the universe talks to you

weather you’re-ready or not

It’s a combination

that doesn’t depend just on you

of ordinary life

in an extraordinary style


that this

is everything

And don’t

be afraid


outside rains

Forms of imagination

will be brought from the wind

you need to be quiet

be ready to receive

Get into the music

get into the music

get into the music

into your life

A little bit of nothing

this is all I get

pretend to follow the rabbit

and understand where it went


Just listen to the echoes

of the hearts of everyone

there you can find the words

from which we can start


that this

can reach up

and touch everything

Since we’re all

like at once

just part of a big apple

that is ready to be took

Now don’t

don’t you fear

cause we’re near

to the top.

Everywhere everything is something

anytime there is someone bringing

light to the dark part that we haven’t understood

give it a try it could be what you would


All the time many people running

searching solutions for new problems

what it would be, if we’re suddenly free


asking for solutions and simply agree

It’s the dark side in our mind

it’s the way to light our path

the unconscious way needs strength

the limits are just in our heads

Our mind’s thoughts get much further

grasping a lot more than our bodies

they make it appear, they’re making it be real

breaking the past, allow the facts to act


Suddenly words become intentions

giving meaning to revolutions

it all disappears, it all gets more near

of what is out there there will be no fear

Our mirror is behind

it reflects what we can’t find

that horizon we’d meant aim

we approach it with new names

And it all starts from now

understanding its new how

realizing you have a new past      

and that memories run too fast

To be grabbed.

Pa bam

make it easy

come on

Take it easy

it’s on

From the moment you

won’t let your life go on

you keep hiding into

books, in shells and songs

you can understand there’s

something that has trapped

your life above the world

It could be a dream, a thought

a wish, a rock

something you can’t accept

it doesn’t go on

it could be a word, a bird, a snake, a sword

something you pretended simply doesn’t work

Take it easier

you’re wrong

make it easy

it’s a

From the moment you feel sticked aside

of what you wished but it’s denied

you continue insisting that’s

the only thing you’ve always desired

Accept the fact you’ll never know

if that’s surely the right way to go

you don’t care that’s all you must have,

become, that’s the only thing

you can understand

Take it easier


Take it easier

those are just facts

miss comprehensions

But from the moment you

understand your whys

you start believing it’s full of

lies outside

and if the people try to

say you’re mad

it’s time to get aggressive

and repressed inside

Take it easier


it’s just a moment that soon or later

will pass

You’re just one

you’re not them all

in my suggestion try to

lose control


take it easy


hold hard



Get cross

your fingers